How to Add Detail to the Interior of a Fracture in Houdini

Bubble Pins shows how you can make a more realistic shatter effect by adding detail to the interior of a fracture using various noises.

Thre are plenty of tutorials out there that show how to fracture objects in Side FX Houdini. The next logical step will be to add details to the fracture stimulation, such as smoke and debris, or even adding detail to the interior portions of a busted object. While fracturing controls the cracks, s new Bubble Pins tutorial shows how you can add detail to the inside broken parts.

Houdini has a unique node for just this purpose. The tutorial covers how to work with the RBD Interior Detail node works and how to tune interior details using various noise displacements. You can download the HIP file too. This Houdini file is the completed project in a 3 part video series that demonstrates how to fracture geometry and add internal noise displacement using RBD Tools.