How to Use Space Switching in Blender Animation

Pierrick Picaut shows how you can use space switching for a better animation workflow in Blender.

Typically, a character rig will incorporate some space switching controls. Animators need to release and place objects in the animation efficiently, and one of the ways to facilitate that is through space switching. What if you didn’t need to modify the rig to do this type of thing, though? It’s true. 

Check out this short quick tip tutorial from Pierrick Picaut, who shows us how to use space switching within a BLender animation. Picaut gleaned the tip from Richard Lico’s new course on his latest training platform, Animation Sherpa. The tip shows how you can use space switching without having to modify the rig. Very cool!

Richard Lico is an industry respected and award-winning animator whose work you can see in Polyarc Games’ VR adventure “Moss.”