A Look at Maya’s New Offset Parent Matrix

Check out Maya’s new matrix-driven transform and operation nodes, including this look at Offset Parent Matrix.

Autodesk released Maya 2020, and while there are many animation features, there are some important updates and additions to all areas, including rigging. Most notably, the new matrix-driven transform and operation nodes. Now you can apply a transformation matrix to a node before its translate, rotate, or scale takes place. That means fewer node spaghetti situations, cleaner rigs, and faster evaluations. Check out this new walkthrough by the Maya Learning Channel that covers working with the Offset Parent Matrix.

The tutorial shows us a new paradigm to drive transforms on rigs using an Offset Parent Matrix. Using the Parent Matrix, you can cut down on the number of joints, speed up your rig performance, and allow for more adaptability. Also, check out this look by Autodesk’s Will Telford. The tutorial shows how the new Matrix input attribute makes it possible to control transforms using a single connection.