Realistic Hair, Brows, and Lashes With Maya xGen

Watch 3D Sculptor, CG Artist Hadi Karimi create Realistic Hair, Brows, and Lashes With Maya xGen for his amazing Dua Lipa portrait.

We’ve all seen these incredibly realistic 3D portraits that are sometimes indistinguishable from photographs. It takes a lot of sculpting skills to get them just right, but it also takes some technical knowledge too. It’s crucial to understand shaders, lighting, and rendering, but before all that, how to create realistic hair elements. That includes Hair, Brows, and Lashes and the tiny peach-fuzz on people’s faces.

Just sit back and watch how 3D Sculptor, CG Artist Hadi Karimi, created the hair elements for his realistic Dua Lipa portrait. The work started with sculpting and texturing in Zbrush, with color maps created in Substance Painter. The final image came out of Maya using Arnold. All the hair elements are built and styled using Maya xGen. Stunning work.