Hard Surface Modeling to Scale in C4D

Contrafibbularities shows some techniques for modeling to scale in C4D.

When someone opens up a 3D app and starts modeling without considering the scale, it’s always a problem.

Why Scale is so Important

In 3D, the scale can govern more than just the physical size of an object. It is the base at which things like light transport, physics and dynamics, and even texture is reliant.

Working With Scale in C4D

In his latest tutorial, Wolfgang Rode shows how to consider scale when creating a hard surface model in Maxon Cinema 4D. “In this tutorial, I will show how to model a typical plastic box in Cinema 4D using simple hard surface modeling techniques,” Rode mentions.

You can download a project folder with two project files. Both files contain the reference images so that you can get started right away. You can download the project folder here.

About Wolfgang Rode

Wolfgang Rode, is a 3D hobbyist. He usually works with Maxon Cinema 4D, using it mostly for hard-surface and SDS modeling. Rode shares a lot of his knowledge recording free video tutorials on modeling in C4D and now MOI3D.