Zone Below Makes Things Behind or in Front in Ae

Motion Desk’s new tool for After Effects allows you to reveal any part of a layer.

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way in After Effects to make layers weave in front of behind parts of another? Yeah, me too. Rather than splitting up elements all over the place, you can check out this new tool from Motion Desk, Zone Below.

Reveal Any Part of a Layer.

The new extension for Adobe After Effects lets you create zone areas for a single layer. You can then reveal or show these zones interactively. The tool makes it easy to dynamically show any part of the layer below using zone masks.

A Simple UI With Powerful Features

  •  interactively move and animate a Generated reveal zone
  • Use unlimited zones to reveal any part of the layer below
  • Works with Shape Layer, Text and Precomps
  • Ultra-compact UI

Get the Ae Extension.

The Ae extension is available under the “name your own price” platform: Check out the extension here.