How to Create a Rolling or Coiling Rig in Maya

David Palley shows two ways to create a rolling or coiling rig in Autodesk Maya.

Having an object roll or coil up into itself is something that you will often see for creature tails and props. As with anything in a 3D DDC, there are a few ways that you can approach this kind of setup. David Palley shows a couple of ways to create a rolling or coiling rig in Maya.

Using Deformers to Create a Coiling Rig.

One of the methods relies on using a simple nonlinear bend deformer. By default, the bend deformer in Maya doesn’t have a value for the offset to make things coil up. One simple way around this is to rotate the pivot in “edit mode” slightly. You can then use this setup in a rig by making it a blend shape.

Using a Node Network.

The second technique that Palley shows in the tutorial is one that uses a node network. “The second setup is a custom one I came up with that uses a node network created by a script,” Palley says. The second setup works better if you have a tail where the width of the object you want to coil is variable.

About David Palley.

David Palley creates the Point on Palley channel tutorials videos. He is a Character Rigging Lab Specialist at Full Sail University and freelance Character TD. 

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