How to Integrate FX Using USD and Houdini Solaris

David Raymond shows how he uses USD layering to integrate effects on a Golaem crowd scene.

A new vid provided by the Golaem team shows how a USD workflow can work with crowd effects and more. Watch the Lead Crowd Artist at Rodeo FX, David Raymond, as he explains how he uses USD layering features in Houdini to integrate FX on Golaem characters.

USD In Houdini Solaris.

USD is a Universal Scene Description framework for exchanging 3D data. The open-source framework lets shops focus on collaboration, non-destructive editing, and enabling multiple views of 3D scenes.

The latest version of Houdini takes USD to new heights with Solaris, a lookdev, layout, and lighting suite powered by USD. Solaris integrates with USD’s HYDRA Imaging Framework for access to a wide range of renderers such as the new SideFX Karma,* Pixar RenderMan, Autodesk Arnold, Maxon Redshift, AMD ProRender and more.

About Golaem Crowd Sims.

Golaem makes it simple to create directable digital characters from a few to literal thousands. Golaem can work within the context of USD, especially with Houdini Solaris.