Cables Script for Maya Adds Presets and More

Romain Chauliac’s Cable Script for Maya sees the addition of presets and new parameters. 

To say that the Cable Script for Maya from Romain Chauliac is super useful is a severe understatement. It’s helped me create cable details in all sorts of hard surface models over the years. Now a new update adds the ability to save and use presets curves and some new parameters such as pressure and flatness.

What’s New in Cable Script 2.5

Saving Presets for curve shapes is going to be a huge help. You can instantly create curves from presets, so you never have to wind another cable around something again. New parameters, including flatness and pressure, lets you tweak the types of cables you can make. New Displace material help in that area too.

As usual, the script uses the Paint FX engine to build the geometry making the cables quickly with clean UV’s.

Cable script only costs $20, and if you purchased previous versions, you could download the latest.