Easy Path Arrow Preset Creates Arrows for Ae

Easy Path Arrow Preset Creates Arrows for Ae

Kyle Hamrick’s Easy Path Arrow preset for After Effects creates arrows without all the clicks.

Why are simple arrows so hard to make in After Effects? Asks Kyle Hamrick. I’d take that inquiry a step further and ask why arrowheads are in practically every adobe app are except for After Effects? I don’t know, but Kyle Hamrick has created this free and easy to use arrow preset that lets you develop arrowheads instantly.


Path Arrow Preset.

“Thanks to a few expressions, now you can have that arrow without all the clicks,” Hamrick says about his preset. Apply the preset (with either a shape layer selected or nothing selected), edit the path as you like, and move on! Everything within the shape layer is editable, so you can stylize your arrow as needed. The controls intentionally streamlined and straightforward, making it simple to use. While there are plenty of presets floating out there, this one is easy and straightforward.


Get the Preset and Start Making Arrows.

You can download the arrow preset for free or by naming your price—the preset works with Adobe After Effects version 16.x (CC2019) or newer.