How to Create a Walk Cycle Procedurally in Maya

David Palley shows a process for making a procedural walk cycle in Maya.

Walk cycles, like anything else, creating them is the art. Yet there are times when you might want to consider a different approach rather than a manual one. In his latest tutorial David Palley covers creating a control setup that will automatically move the legs of a character, giving you a walk cycle procedurally animated.

Creating a Walk Cycle Procedurally.

In Palley’s latest tutorial series, he covers how to create a basic control setup. The first part dives into connecting the controls to a non-bipedal character, in this case, an ant. The other videos show how to integrate the heel, toe, and ball of the reverse foot lock (RFL) into the animation loop walk cycle.

About David Palley.

David Palley creates the Point on Palley channel tutorials videos. He is a Character Rigging Lab Specialist at Full Sail University and freelance Character TD.