How to Create an Infinite Tunnel With Stardust

Robin Sinnaeve shows how you can create an infinite tunnel with Stardust in After Effects.

Stardust is much more than a particle plug for Adobe After Effects. The plugin supports things like a volumetric workflow, 3D objects and instances, and lots more. Couple all that with particles, and you have a motion graphics powerhouse. A new tutorial from Robin Sinnaeve shows how you can leverage Stardust to create an infinite tunnel.

Creating Particles, Animation, and Effects.

The tutorial comes as a great start for those that are not familiar with Stardust. Robin runs through how to work with particles, create animation, and build an infinite tunnel effect from scratch.

About Robin Sinnaeve.

Robin Sinnaeve is a 27-year-old multimedia artist & particle enthusiast. Robin graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 with his short animation project The Centre. He is currently working at the post-production company Mikros Image Brussels.