Oliver Randorff shows a simple way to animate rain using strokes in After Effects.

When animating rain, you might think of using particles, dynamics, or another tool that will offer a realistic result. What if you want something more simple? This new tutorial from Oliver Randorff shows how you can create a stylized and looping rain effect using strokes in After Effects.

Create Rain Using Strokes in Ae.

Randorff’s technique, of course, works with strokes and trim paths in Ae. It’s likely the best way to move a line across frames in After Effects. The tutorial covers how to create the animation, loop, and the little splashes that can add some charm to the final animated piece.

About Oliver Randorff.

Randorff is a motion designer based in Denmark, specializing in animation with eight years of experience in the field. Driven by great animation and carefully adjusted keyframes, Oliver strives for beautiful motion and even better stories.