How to Manually Unwrap UVs in C4D S22

Jonas Pilz shows us how S22 does short work out of manual unwrap of UVs.

Cinema 4D S22 added some much-needed UV tools and workflows to a 3D App that lacked them. Maxon chose a subscription model to “advance” release features in Cinema 4D. S22 adds new UV workflows with unified component modes between 3D and 2D workspaces. 

Unwrap UVs.

In his latest Quick Tip, Maxon’s Jonas Pilz shows us the progressive process of what it’s like to unwrap UVs in Cinema 4D S22 manually. The tutorial covers how to create UV Pins and use the Path and Loop selection tools to create seams for cutting the UVs. These new tools make unwrapping and relaxing UVs easy.