Dangling Wires with CV-Splines for C4D

Jonathan Winbush shows how you can create dangling wires using CV-Splines in Cinema 4D.

There are more than a few ways to create the dangling wires you see on poles or other elements. Some tools like TopoWire makes it easy to attach and make cables. 

TopoWire is a spline generator plugin that works by attaching splines to geometry in a few different ways. Those splines can instantly turn into dynamic splines at the click of a button. To create wires with the plugin, you only need to make the geometry a child of the TopoWire object.

CV-Splines to Objects is Another Solution.

Jonathan Winbush shows off another tool that works well too, and that’s CV-Splines. If you have a Cineversity subscription, you already have access to the plugin. CV-Splines to Objects is a set of plugins that speed up the process of converting splines into polygonal objects. While the set of tools doesn’t offer dynamic capabilities as TopoWire does, they do work great.