Maxdepth Launches Houdini Nebulas Volume Two

Tim Hanson shows how to create even more awe-inspiring visuals in Houdini.

Maxdepth premium tutorials and training are deep dives into production-driven techniques for 3D and Visual Effects. A while ago, the release of Nebula Workflow Techniques working with Houdini particles and how to master them, helped Houdin users level-up while creating amazing looking space scenes.

Houdini Nebulas Volume Two.

Now with Houdini Nebulas Volume Two, Maxdepth is back again delivering almost four hours of high quality, easily digestible Houdini training. “You’ll be creating awe-inspiring visuals from day one with our intuitive process,” Hanson says. “We have developed a deceptively simple system to create incredibly complex levels of detail using particles and volumes in conjunction with some clever VOP manipulation.”

The training series walks through the process step by step from simulation, to shading and lighting, including compositing the final in Nuke.

Check out Houdini Nebulas Volume Two here.