Getting Started With MOPs in Houdini

Rohan Dalvi offers a look into MOPs, Houdini’s Motion Graphics Toolkit.

MOPs or Motion Operators for Side FX Houdini is a free and open-source suite of HDAs that can help motion designers animate things more easily.

The suite of tools makes complex node networks and transformations much more straightforward, offering intuitive controls for mograph-like tasks, like duplicating, rotating, bouncing, and aiming.

Rohan Dalvi’s Quick Introduction to MOPs.

A new tutorial from Rohan Dalvi covers everything you need to know to get going with the motion toolset in Houdini. The tutorial shows how you can completely replace the standard copy tools in a workflow.

About MOPs.

The Motion Operators for Houdini started as a collaboration between Henry Foster (Toadstorm) and Moritz Schwind (Entagma). Both wondered why motion graphics effects were so hard to set up in Houdini. Their vision was to leverage Houdini as a powerful and intuitive tool for design, allowing artists to work freely without worrying about the math. 

About Rohan Dalvi.

Rohan Dalvi is a veteran 3D Artist and Trainer covering Side FX Houdini techniques and concepts.