Make Smooth Moves in C4D by Creating a Dynamic Camera Rig

Daniel Danielsson shows how you can get silky-smooth camera moves in Cinema 4D by making a dynamic camera rig.

Camera moves are an essential component of animation and motion graphics. Camera moves are much more than creating keyframes on a camera object. It’s tough to get those smooth moves that add polish and professionalism to work.

Create a Dynamic Camera Rig.

One way to ensure that all your camera moves look natural and buttery smooth is to create a rig before animation. Adding dynamics into the rig offers some automation as well as a way to ensure that everything looks natural as it moves along. A new tutorial from Daniel Danielsson shows a trick to make any camera smooth as silk in Cinema 4D. The tutorial shows how to use a constraint tag to connect it all up.

About Daniel Danielsson.

Creative Director at Savage & Civil, working with Motion Design for Marketing in Hertfordshire, England.