How to Art Direct Paint Splashes in Houdini With Velocity Fields

Jason Harmon shows how to create paint splashes that you can control with custom velocity fields in Houdini.

Have a look at this new tutorial from Jason Harmon that shows how you can create an excellent looking paint splash effect in Side FX Houdini. 

Velocity Fields for Controlling Paint Splashes.

The tutorial covers working with Velocity Fields so that you can control the effect quickly. Simple curves in the scene generate the velocity fields.

You can get the .hip file on Gumroad. Harmon comments the file with tips on how to set up shading as well as how to better art direct the bursts. You’ll also see the method used to mesh the sim. The video shows how to take this set up one step further with more advanced techniques using some tools that a couple of fantastic Houdini users have created.

About Jason Harmon.

Jason Harmon is a broadcast post-production veteran of sixteen years. Now Jason considers himself a generalist working in Houdini and Cinema 4D.