How to Mix Particles With MPM and Bifrost Graph

The Maya Guy shows how to use MPM in the Bifrost Graph to mix particles and materials.

The Maya Guy (Phil Radford) shows how fast and easy MPM can be with the Bifrost Graph Editor. Maya’s MPM Solver uses a Material Point Method algorithm that efficiently simulates the physical behaviors of solids, liquids, and gasses. “Maya has needed a robust particle system like this for years,” Radford says about the system. “I feel like I need to show everyone at least a small snippet of what it can do and how we can look to use it instead of native Maya particles.”

Mix Particles Using MPM in Maya.

Radford’s tutorial covers working with the MPM solver to create a scene that mixes particles and colors all within a container. One of the benefits of working with Bifrost Graph Editor for FX work like this over nParticles is that you can quickly swap out elements that would usually be difficult and time-consuming otherwise.