How to Create Meteor Trails With Particular in After Effects

Zachary Vanhoy shows how you can add meteor trails in Ae using Tapcode Particular.

In a continuation from a previous tutorial, ActionVFX’s Zachary Vanhoy shows how you can add trails to the Large Scale Dust Waves used for impact effects. The tutorial covers using Trapcode Particular to create the meteor trails for the shot.

The tutorial shows you how to create all things meteor, from the fire trail and smoke to reflections and impacts, this tutorial is packed with helpful tips.

Large-Scale Dust Waves.

The new collection harbors 20 clips, each created from three different angles: a front, side, and a top-down view. The collection comes in both 2k and 4k sRGB colorspace. Formats include 12-Bit ProRes 4444 with Alpha (2K and 4K) and OpenEXR (4K only).

The dust waves have a lot of detail and realistic movement. Pretty excited to try them out!

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