How to Move and Align Along a Path in Ae

Ilir Beqiri shows how you can use expressions to move and align along a path in After Effects.

An old trick in After Effects allows you to copy and paste a path so you can use it as positional keyframes. While that takes care of movement, it doesn’t do anything to keep the layer oriented as it moves. For that, there are, of course, other tricks. In his latest tutorial, Ilir Beqiri shows how you can move and align a layer in After Effects along a path by working with expressions.

Move and Align Things Along a Path.

Beqiri covers creating the expression to both move and align layers in After Effects. The tutorial covers creating an expression controller that allows you to dial in the type of rotations that you want. “I always wanted to know how to do this for regular layers (not just text), Beqiri says, “Now I do, and here I’m sharing it with everyone.”

About Ilir Beqiri

Ilir Beqiri is a Motion designer, living and working in Tirana, Albania.