Easily Convert from Render Engines in With Maya Scene Converter

Maya Scene Converter can change shaders and lights from one render engine to another.

With all the render engine choices, you may find that you inevitably need to convert scenes from one render engine to another. That may be more difficult than it sounds. There are shaders, nodes, lights and other things to consider when bouncing from one engine to another.

For Maya artists, there are a few solutions to automate the process. A new one is the Maya Scene Converter from Mahmoud El-Ashry.

How to Convert Shaders and Lights Between Render Engines.

Maya Scene Converter is a python-based Qt tool for converting scenes from a render engine to another in Maya. While it’s not a perfect one-shot conversion, the Maya tool relies on rules to automate the process.

Download the Scene Converter tool for Maya here.

Scene Converter Features.

  • Creates rules to convert from a source render engine to a target render engine
  • Easy UI to create, save and load the rules
  • Supports all shading related nodes: Materials, Textures, Utilities and Lights
  • Converts all the scene or selected objects
  • Scans the scene for any node or only what belongs to the source engine
  • Some ready examples of rules files (not very precise but very functional)
  • Prints info about all conversions
  • Tested with Windows only but could work on other operating systems
  • Tested with Maya 2018+ but could work on previous versions

About Mahmoud El-Ashry.

Mahmoud El-Ashry is a technical artist at Clear Pictures. El-Ashry has 8+ years of experience in the CG animation industry, working as a 3d environment artist, lighting and render artist, scenes and shots assembly.