How to Morph Faces Using Moho

Victor Paredes shows how you can morph faces using Moho Pro and offers a script to help.

Animator Víctor Paredes looks at a technique that you can use to magically change between two faces using Moho Pro. While Moho doesn’t have a specific tool for creating a morphing effect, you can create one using Moho’s Smart Warp Mesh and smart bones.

Morph Between Two Faces.

There are a few ways to create a mesh in Moho, but in this case, Paredes prefers to create a strategic one by hand. The tutorial covers some tips and tricks for getting a great-looking morph between two very different faces.

Paredes offers some support files for the tutorial too. You can download the image assets used in the video, the scene file, and some scripts that can help out when morphing things.