Creating a Turn With Moho’s Smart Warp Meshes

Smart Warp Meshes are a really versatile feature in Moho. Like photoshop, Moho can work with vector shapes as well as raster images. You might think that a vector shapes character are the only way to rig an animate. Although paths do provide some clear advantages, they are not the only way.

Moho has some great tools for pixel based images too. One of those tools is the ability to use Smart Warp meshes. Smart Warp creates custom meshes based on vector shapes that will allow you bend, reshape and distort assist. Smart Warp mess can affect both images and vector shapes, and can be used along side of bones too.

Watch Moho Artist McCoy Buck walks through how he creates a 2.5-D turn, by using smart warp meshes, on bitmapped photoshop layers. It’s an easy way to bring another dimension into an otherwise flat character rig.

If you want to Master 2D Rigging in Moho and learn how to create professional animation rigs for characters, MoCoy Buck has just the course for you.

Visit the page for the Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio, it’s a complete guide to everything you need to know to make professional rigs.