Quickly Creating Animation in Cavalry for Work in After Effects

Adam Maurer shows how you can work with both Cavalry and Ae as part of a larger workflow.

Cavalry is just pain exciting. It’s a modern take on motion graphics where you can quickly create mograph-like animations with a modern engine and workflow. It’s not something that replaces After Effects (yet), but you can certainly use it within a larger workflow.

Cavalry and After Effects.

A quick tip tutorial from Adam Maurer shows how you can quickly create a mograph animation in Cavalry and use that in After Effects. “If you need to animate in After Effects but still want to use Cavalry as part of your process, you can,” Maurer says. The tutorial covers a look at designing something quickly in Cavalry that would be pretty time consuming to do in After Effects, and how to send that to After Effects to animate via SVG export and Adobe Illustrator. 

About Adam Maurer.

Adam Maurer is a motion designer and editor whose clients include Victoria’s Secret, Brookfield Place, Tom Ford, PINK, Holiday Inn, Kelley Blue Book, IHG, and Google.