How to Animate Wrinkles With Cloth in Blender

Dikko shows how you can create automatically animated wrinkles by using a cloth sim.

A new tutorial from Richard Shilling (Dikko!) shows how you can use a cloth simulation in Blender to animate wrinkles. The video is from a live stream where Shilling experiments with new techniques in Blender. Adding things like muscles, skin sliding, and wrinkles to character animation add a ton of life and realism. 

Dynamics for “Free” Animation.

While there are a few steps involved to animate wrinkles with cloth, Dikko runs through the process on a small example, before transposing the technique to an animation of a walking dinosaur. “Today, we added some dynamic skin animation to this dinosaur, and I must say, I think the result is pretty kickass.” I agree.

About Richard Shilling.

Richard “Dikko!” Shilling is an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia.