How to Create a Fireball Effect in Blender

Jacob Swing shows how you can create, render, and composite a fireball effect right in your hand.

Blender is a one-stop-shop for 3D and so much more. A great example of this is this new tutorial from Jacob Swing. The tutorial covers creating a fireball effect using smoke, particles, and fluids in Blender, tracking them into the footage, and compositing the shot, all without leaving Blender.

A Fireball in Your Hand.

Fire is awesome! So in this two part tutorial series, we go over how to use Blender to generate a fireball that can be tracked to any footage.” Part 1 of this tutorial goes over how to create the fireball inside of Blender. Part 2 covers tracking the fireball to the footage and compositing and color grading the render. 

About Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is an Asia based CG Generalist. He started using Blender back in the late 90’s and his love for the program has never waned. Currently, Jacob works as a freelance Modeler and Videographer.