How to Wrap Straps With Soft Bodies in C4D

Vincent Schwenk shows how you can easily tap straps around anything in C4D.

Assisted modeling can be helpful. That is to say; instead of building things like cables, for example, you can generate then and simulate how they hang too. Another example would be creating wraps for groups of objects. Again using cables as an example, creating a band that can wrap around your grouping of wires might be a chore to model. Why not use dynamics, particularly soft bodies, to help with that task.

Warp Straps in a Snap.

A new tutorial from Vincent Schwenk shows how to do just that. Schwenk shows a technique that he often uses to quickly wrap straps around any type or grouping of objects in Cinema 4D using the Soft Bodies tag.

About Vincent Schwenk.

Vincent Schwenk is a freelance 3D-Designer based in Hamburg. You can support his content through his Patreon here.