How to Create Simple C4D-Like Attractors in Houdini

Five31 shows how you can create simple C4D-like attractor dynamics using Houdini SOPs and DOPs.

Many C4D artists add Side FX Houdini to their workflow, drawn to that popular DCC’s procedural capabilities. While Houdini can do some spectacular things, there is nothing like feeling more “at home” with some standard C4D features and workflows. That is likely where there are so many tutorials that show how you can get C4D-like things right in Houdini. A new tutorial from Five31 Liam Clisham shows how you can create a simple attractor effect like in C4D but Houdini.

Simple C4D-Like Attractor Dynamics.

While the attractor premise is simple, there is a lot to know and cover in the tutorial. It’s all relatively simple, though, “just some good old SOPs and DOPs and maybe a line of VEX,” Clisham mentions.

About Liam Clisham.

Liam Clisham is a creative and motion designer from the Baltimore region. You can find more about him and his work at