Working With Arnold’s Noice Denoise

Reza Sarkamari covers getting started with Arnold Noice Denoiser.

Arnold has a couple of methods for getting cleaner renders using denoising tools. Arnold has the OptiX Denoiser as well as a stand-alone application that uses Noice. This new tutorial from Reza Sarkamari shows how you can quickly get nicer renders using Noice. 

 The Arnold Denoise tool works with merged EXR and AOV files. It outputs an EXR file with the denoised layers and considers multiple frames and multiple light AOVs. 

“Like most denoisers, it considers a neighborhood around the current pixel and looks for similar neighborhoods inside a given search area to blend. To use the Arnold Denoiser, you will need to render images via the Arnold EXR driver.”

About Reza Sarkamari.

Reza Sarkamari has nearly two decades in the industry under his belt and is a Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist.