New Quartz FM Plugin Makes Beautiful Crystals in C4D

TFMStyle’s new plugin for C4D procedurally creates fantastic looking quarts and crystals.

A new plugin release from TFMStyle (the French Monkey) gives Cinema 4D users the ability to create amazing-looking crystals parametrically. The plugin offers a way to develop various crystal styles, making it easy to get that gem-stone look through a panel of controls.

Quartz FM.

If you’ve been trying to nail down the crystals’ look in a render, you are not alone. It’s a combination of form, materials, and light. The plugin helps to create the correct organic shapes for the gems. The Quartz formation module for Cinema 4D comes with a C4D Library and is compatible with all the host app versions. 

Get The Quartz Plugin for C4D.

The plugin comes as a pack that includes the Quartz FM plugin and scene builder tools, and a presets collection as a fast starting point. Pick up Quartz FM v.1 here, and learn more.