How to Better Understand Matrices in 3D

Loïc Pinsard explains Matrices, the core of any 3D application.

Even if you are not a TD, you may have heard of Matrices when talking about 3D apps. While they seem overly cryptic for many, they are a coded representation of a transformation, including translation, scale, and rotations.

Check out this post from Character TD Loïc Pinsard, who explains Matrices and why they are essential in 3D. One matrix can encode translation, orientation, scale, and shearing of an object in 3D, so it’s understandable why you’d want to understand them. “Matrices are at the core of any 3D application and understanding how they store transformations as well as how they interact with each other is going to give you a much deeper understanding of what actually goes on when you move or constrain stuff around.”

Check out Loïc Pinsard’s article, “Matrices explained” here.