Understanding Matrices and Local Space transforms in Houdini

FX TD Fabricio Chamon Gives a Comprehensive Overview for Working With Houdini Matrices and Local Space Transforms.

If you are not a mathematician, when someone mentions matrices and local space transforms, your eyes may glaze over. Matrices get a lot of discussions online – the concepts are difficult to understand, while also being essential in 3D and Houdini. If you are not too steady-footed on the subject, check out Fabricio Chamon and his comprehensive overview.

Chamon covers Local Space transforms and how to use VEX in Side FX Houdini to manipulate them. A few practical examples are showing how to build local space transforms from scratch and primitives. The video shows how you can establish a base frame so you can animate input geometry or constraint other objects to desired polygons.

Fabricio Chamon is a freelance FX TD and Generalist that has over 12 years experience working in the VFX Industry. Support him on Patreon!

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