How to Combine Physics Now! With 3D in After Effects

Kert Gartner shows how you can transpose Physics Now in After Effects over to Element 3D.

Physics Now is an easy to use physical simulation plugin for Adobe After Effects. It offers an integrated workflow, working like any other feature you already know in After Effects. The plugin makes it easy to create elaborate physical interactions with Ae layers. It might not be clear how you can take those excellent physics and use them with a 3D plugin like Element 3D.

Creating 3D Titles With Physics Now.

A new tutorial from Kert Gartner shows how he created simulated 3D text for the Fall Guys Season 2 Trailer. Gartner shows how you can combine Physics Now with Element 3D, and it’s quite simple. There are just a couple of things you need to consider, and Kert covers those as he goes.

About Kert Gartner.

Kert Gartner is a motion designer specialized in indie game trailers.