How to Create a Dark Galaxy in Houdini

Kate Xagoraris mixes VFX and physics with a new look at creating a dark Galaxy in Houdini.

A new tutorial from Kate Xagoraris continues to mix both visual effects along with physics. Her last one showed how you could create and simulate a cosmic web, the dark matter that holds the universe together. Now Xagoraris shares some insights into building a setup that will represent a dark galaxy.

Replicating Hydrodynamic Sims in 3D.

Xagoraris hopes to replicate some of the larger mysteries of the universe with Side FX Houdini and visual effects. “As we’ve seen, simulations are a huge part in understanding the universe. As well as a key part of observing how dark energy and dark matter affect us.”

“There are plenty of tools out there that can create particle fluids with easily controlled variables. Houdini for example has huge capabilities when it comes to simulating particles and advecting them by volumes, filaments, textures, or collisions.”

About Kate Xagoraris.

Kate Xagoraris is a visual effects artist at Deluxe Animation. In her spare time, she writes articles on exploring Houdini better and incorporating its tools with science. You can check out her work here.