Le Futur – Pierre Cardin

Le Futur illustrates the life and legacy of couturier Pierre Cardin, a titan of design for nearly seven decades. This animated documentary short is based on interviews with Pierre Cardin, Jean Paul Gaultier, André Leon Talley, and others, conducted by Paula Wallace, President and Founder of SCAD.

Directed by
Matthew Miller

Executive Producers
Paula Wallace, President and Founder of SCAD
Eleanor Twiford
Eric Breen
Walker Dalton
Lana Kim
Jett Steiger

Pierre Cardin
Paula Wallace
Jean Paul Gaultier
André Leon Talley
Jim Bittermann
Maryse Gaspard

Interviews conducted by Paula Wallace

Produced by
Ways & Means

Animation by
Moving Colour

Lauren Skillen
Rachel Bodenbender
Drew Brown
Kelley Lowe

Director of Animation
Brian Covalt

Animation Producers
Natalie Garcia Mayor
Simrun Dhugga

Grace Poole
Ryan Whiteley

3D Animator
John Van Unen

Erin Bradley

Angie Hewitt
Jon Paramel
Matthew Wong
Rae Huang
Sea Imaki

Alyx Jolivet
Casey White
Cindy Yang
Clarisse Chua
Jackie Files
Connor Hoffmann
Joseph Nate Lowe
Matthew Nahem
Morgan Pabst
Siobhan Ensley
Tessa Lowe
Tim Daza

Director of Photography
Michael Gemelli

Kevin Deloach
Devin Smith

Production Manager
Sean Fairchild

Digital Imaging Technician
Hamilton Craig

Sean Leonard
Matthew Miller

Original Score
Ali Helnwein

Post-production Sound
Lime Studios

Re-recording Mixer / Sound Design Mix / Sound Editor
Adam Primack

Executive Producer
Susie Boyajan

Archival Audio Courtesy of
British Pathé
France Médias Monde
Getty Images

Special Thanks
Jean-Pascal Hesse
Glenn Wallace
Cédric Maros
Len Cripe

Presented by SCAD