Work With Shape Layers Like Never Before With Shpr

A new Ae tool, Shpr, creates complex animated structures in seconds.

Good Boy Ninja’s new Shpr tool offers a unique and fast way to work procedurally with After Effects’ shape layers. Shpr provides a modular and procedural system that unlocks a whole new vector design world and animates for shape layers.

Endless Possibilities and Hours of Fun.

Shpr is a super-simple way to create and animate geometric patterns and animation with a few clicks and controls. 

The Ae tool offers customizable animation drivers in eleven different modules, such as reshaping, connecting, bevels, and more. You can instantly restructure any path in Ae with individual controls for almost any attribute.

Get Shpr.

The After Effects tool offers different licensing tiers, including a free trial version too. Check out the Shpr page for more information.