An Easy Way to Make a Realistic Marble With Arnold

Lee Griggs shows how you can make a super-real marble with a simple shader.

If you’re like me, you spend free time reading the Arnold docs. You may have run into one of the newer tutorials that show how you can make a realistic marble using a standard surface and a standard volume. The standard volume shader takes care of the marble’s insides, while the standard surface shader covers everything glass.

A Simple Way to Create a Marble.

While the Marble Shading tutorial in the Arnold docs uses a volume shader and a glass shader, Arnold rendering specialist Lee Griggs walks through how to make one using a single Standard Surface and an image texture that connects to a UV projection node. It’s important to note that there is a corresponding written tutorial for each of the Arnold plugins. MtoAMAXtoAHtoA, and C4DtoA.

Griggs has been walking through some of the tutorials; another recent one was creating the bubbles scene using nested dielectrics.