Check Out This New C4D Stylized Character Rig, Marty

Ace5 Studios’ new character rig offers smooth deformations and poses along with a complete face rig.

There are many character rigs available for other DCC’s like Maya and Blender, but fewer, it seems, for Cinema 4D. That is why Ace5 Studios’ Aleksey Voznesenski is working to change that. His latest stylized character rig is Marty. 

Do you need a Character for your project? Are you fed up with all the pretty characters being only for Maya? Need to get them re-rigged every time? The rigs don’t quite work the way you want in Cinema 4D? Are controllers hard to select? Well, that’s why I made Marty, a companion to my previous Mia character.”

Marty for C4D.

Marty comes with a complete range of facial expressions, smooth deformations and poses, standard IK and FK controllers, a couple of things to wear, complete UV mapping, and more.

Get Marty.

Currently, Ace5 is selling Marty at an introductory price of $94.99; as more stuff gets added to the pack, the price will go up, so be sure to take advantage of the initial sale! Visit Ace5 to learn more here.