How to Pump Up Your Auto Renders Using HDR Light Studio

See How the Power of Skilled Lighting can Transform Your 3D Renders to the Next Level With HDR Light Studio.

A new tutorial series from the folks over at LightMap shows how a simple lighting makeover can affect your work. Check out one of the installments that uses HDR Light Studio, Cinema 4D, and Redshift to transform a 3D Nissan Qashqai car image to the next level.

Cars are reflective – with chrome, glass, and painted metal surfaces, and every cars’ shape and design is unique. So, it makes sense that the lighting will also be unique to that car and the chosen camera angle. If you move the camera angle, the reflections will move. The lighting for the scene must compliment the styling lines and the form of the vehicle. The before-and-after is remarkable!

LightMap’s HDR Light Studio is a convenient lighting design tool. The app lets you create custom HDR images for lighting scenes by positioning lights and seeing results instantly.