Create a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Dispersion Effect With Houdini

Andrey Panfilov shows how you can create a dispersion effect with Houdini and Redshift (or any app).

If you’ve ever wanted to play with physical light effects in 3D software, check out this tutorial from Andrey Panfilov. The tutorial shows how you can break light into its component colors by creating a dispersion effect, much like the one seen on the Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

The tutorial uses Houdini and Redshift, but Panfilov mentions that you can apply the same settings to other software like Cinema 4D or 3dsMax.

About Andrey Panfilov.

Panfilov is a CG generalist and chief VFX artist in Sweet Valley, Vietnam. He is also a Physicist and specialist in computer simulations at the Russian Academy of Science.