Zurbrigg Advanced PlayBlast is Set to Modernize Maya’s PlayBlasting Process

Chris Zurbrigg’s upcoming advanced playblast tool offers FFmpeg and h264 formats, along with genuinely streamlined playblast features in Maya.

Like any application around for a while, Maya needs some updates in some of its components. One of those areas mostly untouched for a time now is the whole PlayBast workflow. Fcheck used to be a thing but has since deprecated into oblivion; what other choices are there? Chris Zurbrigg shows off a preview of a new tool that aims to modernize, enhance and, more importantly, streamline the PlayBast process within Autodesk Maya.

Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast.

Zurbrigg’s Advanced PlayBlast tool uses the industry-standard FFmpeg and h264 video codec when making a playblast. That’s not all. The Maya tool offers some features that will streamline the whole process. There is an integrated shot mask overlay that allows you to add burn-ins to any playblast quickly. 

You can fix shot information or update it dynamically using built-in macros to display standard details, including the current frame, scene name, a custom logo, and more.

Advanced PlayBlast will offer a one-click workflow, a built-in shot mask, a wide variety of presets, and customizable user settings. While it’s not available quite yet, the preview video looks promising! Check out this page for more information.