How to Create Dust Motes in Houdini

Carvalho VFX shows how you can create realistic dust motes in Side FX Houdini.

Few things add an almost tangible realism to a scene than tiny particles of flying dust. Daniel de Carvalho shows how you can create realistic and animated dust motes using points from volume, simple geometry, and instancing in this latest Houdini tutorial. No simulation is needed!

De Carvalho has a few other great tutorials out there. In case you missed them, learn how you can make rocks in Houdini quickly and easily, an easy way to generate a procedural palm tree in Houdini, and how you can make an animated Kaleidoscope pattern and explode it with Houdini.

About Daniel de Carvalho.

Daniel de Carvalho is an FX Technical Director/Houdini Generalist working in the South of England.