How to Create Realistic Plastic Shaders in Arnold for C4D

MographPlus shows how to approach plastic shaders in Cinema 4D.

A new rendering tutorial from Morgraph+ shows an approach to create realistic plastic shaders using Arnold in Cinema 4D. The tutorial shows how to tweak specularity for the most realistic plastic possible.

The video comes as an excerpt from MographPlus’ Ulitmate Introduction to Arnold 5 in Cinema 4D, a whopping 700-minute course.

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At almost 12 hours, in 84 videos, MographPlus’ course covers everything you need to know about Arnold. “every single minute is planned and thought for, there is no rambling, you get the top-notch quality.” 

The C4D Arnold training now has a new ten videos covering the latest features in Arnold 6.1 and 6.2, including Light Mix imager , Arnold and Optix Denoiser imagers, color correct, exposure, white balance, tonemap, lens effects imagers, Nested Dielectrics and Render Selected Objects features.