Learn How to Create Functional Vehicle Design in 3D Coat

Anton Tenitsky’s Functional Vehicle Design course uses most of 3D Coat’s modeling and sculpting toolset.

3D Coat has quite a bit going for it, between UVs, sculpting, painting, and more, it’s a great tool you can add to your workflow to help with many areas. If you are looking to dive deeper into 3D Coat, you should check out this new course by Anton Tenitsky.

Functional Vehicle Design.

Tenitsky’s new course teaches how to build a believable vehicle working with most of 3D Coat’s modeling and sculpting toolset.

The tutorial comes in three parts and contains 92 videos, with half of as time-lapses and another half consists of short chapters, 1-5 minutes long, covering the tools and processes.

Get Function Vehicle Design in 3D Coat.

About Anton Tenitsky.

Anton is a Mentor at CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation. Anton worked as a texture artist for Nickelodeon’s Penguins of Madagascar and many other cartoon series. Eventually, he moved into the booming casual game industry, joining the world’s biggest company in the field – Gameloft as a 3D character artist.