OneBlade | Playback.Design

OneBlade commissioned us to design, direct and craft a series of product films for their iconic luxury razor blade and premium skin care lineup. Together with Josh Nash, OneBlade’s CMO, we carefully selected the best ideas to present the product photorealistically within surreal surroundings.

Creative Direction
Josh Nash,

Design & Direction

Art Director & Design
Evaldas Česnavičius /

Technical Director
Giedrius Paulauskas /

Almantas Vasiliauskas

Alvydas Jatkialo

Music & Sound design
Andrius Kauklys / @andriuskauklys –

Would like to thank the following people whose work inspired and indirectly helped us developing this project:
– for inspiration of slicing setup – Frederik Vanhoutte – @wblut
– for amazing magnetic field setup –  Alessandro Pepe –
– for developing awesome tools – Luca Scheller –