Working With Chaos Cloud and V-Ray for Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez covers working with Chaos Cloud and offers a few giveaways too.

Carlos Velazquez’s youtube channel hit a milestone recently, reaching 10,000 subscribers. A new celebratory video shows how to use the Chaos Cloud and offers a couple of giveaways for Chaos Group merchandise and Chaos Cloud credits.

Chaos Cloud is a push-button cloud rendering service for artists and designers with no hardware to configure nor virtual machines to set up. It’s really to be cloud rendering for everyone.

“This video is to thank all the subscribers who accompany me on this adventure, so to thank you, I have made this special video of the 10k subs with two raffles together with Chaos Group.”

“The second draw, ChaosGroup, will give you 100 Chaos Cloud credits for 3 of my subscribers. It doesn’t matter if you use it with Maya, 3DS Max, or another program with VRay.” 

Learn more about the draws here.