Have a Look at Maya’s New Sweep Mesh Tool in Action

Maya 2022 added a new Sweep Mesh tool for modeling making cables and rope much easier to build.

Maya 2022 has many seriously jaw-dropping features, like the new USD integrations, component tags, and falloffs. Modeling didn’t get overlooked either. 2022 introduced a new Sweep Mesh tool for modeling cables, ropes, and architectural elements.

With previous versions of Maya, users had to use either the NURBS extrusion tools or extrude a polygon profile along a curve. Results with both methods were less than ideal in a few situations, like maintaining corners and volume correctly along the extrusion. The new Sweep Mesh tool changes that.

Sweep Mesh allows you to create a tube-like extrusion with a single click. All you need is a curve. Simple, I know, but it’s something that was missing in Maya until now. Have a look at the new tool in action with these demos from Autodesk Steven Roselle and one from Digital Creator School that shows the much cleaner way to model ropes, wires, and cords.