Maya Adds Native Command Line Search Tools

Latest Maya allows you to find commands, scripts, and selections with a contextual command line search.

It’s been a long road for sure, but with the release of Maya 2022.1, the Autodesk team has added a new “Search” or “Find” function that allows you to type what you are looking for to access anything. This functionality is popular in other DCCs as an add-on (or natively) like After Effects, C4D, and more.

Maya’s new search (Command/Control F) brings up a search field that allows you to quickly find and issue any Maya command, tools, objects, scripts, and selections.

If you’ve used Maya for a while, you may remember the short-lived and on-again-off-again relationship with Type to Find. Maya 2022.1 finally brings TTF to fruition.

Cosmos for Maya.

It’s worth mentioning that there were a few search tools like this available for Maya from third-party developers. The most complete of those being Martin Gunnarsson’s Cosmos. Cosmos had a lot of the same functionality four years ago.